Welcome to Gowin Green

I’m James Gowin, the founder of Gowin Green.  We provide exceptional lawn mowing, lawn care, landscaping and sprinkler repair service to homeowners and businesses throughout Tulare County.

I realize it is easy to say we are better or different.  But, daily we work very hard to make sure our clients are so thoroughly pleased with our quality and follow-up that they too are telling their friends and family that we really are a different type of lawn care, sprinkler repair and landscaping company.

If you are tired of companies that deliver poor quality, never call you back, have lousy communication skills, and are generally unprofessional and unreliable please consider giving Gowin Green a try.

Try us with no risk and zero commitment.  If you are not completely wowed by our unique service you may walk away without any pressure or hassle.

James Gowin


Shea Gowin